It Seems Impossible

NelsonMandela 476x476-01

Nelson Mandela once said: ” It always seems impossible until it is done”.

It’s the absolute truth. When I first started playing with the idea of creating my own business I found it daunting and some may say….impossible. I thought of this idea for over a decade and kept giving myself excuses not to take the big leap.

Yes, it’s hard. Yes, it’s scary, but you know what? It’s totally worth it. The ability to spread your wings, taste freedom and become your own master beats that feeling of impossibility.

I hope this Fridays quote leaves you with a since of hope, ambition and a yearning to reach for the stars.

I Donut Like You

How can you say this in a nice way….. I know!!

Have you ever wanted to tell someone in a nice way that you don’t like them. This is a perfect way. Sugary sweet and slightly devious. I’ve set this up in my Society 6 Store, where you can purchase it as travel mugs, cell phone cases, t-shirts and more!! Stop on by and let me know what you think.


Happy Cinco De Mayo!!

Lindon Leader_Quote-01

It’s that time of the week guys, it’s Friday!! Once, again I’m serving up a design based quote. I almost went with something funny and taco inspired but I held back. There’s always next time.

This weeks quote is by Linden Leader. I tried to find a backstory about this designer but google came up with some confusing results.  Anyways, the quote got me thinking about my design process. I find that once I’ve finished a design, if I step back and let it rest, when I return to it, there are things to remove. Embellishments aren’t always neccassary. What is your design esthetic?

Does your message get across or are you too busy looking for the message in the design?

Friday Quote

Frank Chimero Quote-01

Every Friday I try to find a quote that focuses on design. This week I chose Frank Chimero for inspiration.

His quote hits the nail on the head. He may put it a little bluntly but he get’s his point across.  As a designer it’s something you want to aspire for.

Have you ever found a design that you wish you thought of?